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Some crazy ideas

September 5th, 2009

Silk dreams
- repainting is one more simple reception to reanimate the old furniture, which has lost form and color (especially if it is scratched). The old table, night table, regiments or coffee table can be recolored in any new shade. Acryl, silk, glossy paints or oil paint with matte effect are recommended. Mordant for wood keeps a structure of wood and underlines its natural beauty. Today it is especially used in design. The only lack of lack is that it can be used for natural wooden furniture – the paint badly lays down on artificial surfaces. If wooden furniture is in a good state, it needs to be cleaned and polished or varnished only.

True spirit
In order to create good mood, cozy and pleasure atmosphere at home, it is necessary to sate a house interior with warm rich colors (red, pink, orange, and gold, yellow) and bright illumination – it is especially important during the winter period, when we feel lack of sunlight.

Magic walls
Don’t not afraid of changing the image of your old walls. Best way to update a wall – is to hang reproductions of pictures in a special way, stylish interesting posters, and enlarged family photos.

One more curious way to freshen a wall – is to use a tapestry material (or slices of fabrics), tense on skeleton from реек.
To illuminate wall-paper with multi-colored lamps, to arrange fixtures under a different corner is also Quite good variant.

Blue sky … of tension ceiling

August 7th, 2009

Topic of tension ceilings has been touched for many times, but it is still interesting.
Every day we open new horizons of building world ….
Article brought to your attention considers various kinds of tension ceiling systems from the point of view of their functionality, price/quality parity, and aesthetics of ceiling and operational firmness.
Do not doubt. This thin film (15-17 micron) for ceiling maintains about 100 kilograms per meter square. What does it mean? – Safety at flooding by neighbors from above – first of all. Besides, there is no fear, that having touched casually ceiling cloth, you will wound it. There is a safety factor. Certainly, if you do not test a ceiling for firmness to the pricking, cutting subjects, cigarettes decaying, etc.
Note. Let’s imagine that the ceiling has been damaged. There are some variants of tension cloth defect correction. If a cut is close to a profile non-harpoon system of fastening, it is set in profiles – and you receive ceiling in primordial form. If the fastening system is on a harpoon, or the damage is too far from a profile – ceiling repair assumes sticking up of cloth scratch.
Tension ceiling can be established as completely on all ceiling space of premise, and entered by a decorative detail in gypsum cardboard or other ceiling design.
Tension ceiling can be of any geometrical form … step, wavy, in the form of column …. Everything depends on your imagination.

Order in toy kingdom

July 21st, 2009

If you a happy parent, then you know that kids like to put their toys wherever they want. Sometimes it looks as if the house consists only of toys. It seems impossible to set the order in the house, but it is not that difficult. Let’s try to do it together.

It is recommended to help child to clean toys, as it will not be so boring. Let your child help you and to feel him the importance of his assistance. In process of growth it will turn to the present master of a toy kingdom and will put things in order in the kingdom.
Some rules should be obeyed to keep an order in the Kingdom of toys.

For example:
- It is not recommended to put all toys in one box, all toys should have their own places,
- Board games should be taken away each time at once after game even if you are going to play this game once again tonight,
- Toys should be treated carefully, with love.

How to store toys
In many families toys are stored in the big box under a children’s bed. It is not the best way. In such box all toys are mixed and it is difficult to find necessary toy. Such way of storage spoils many toys.
There are many other, more convenient and original ways. Let’s consider them properly.
It is very convenient to store toys on whatnot shelves. On ground floors cars or other large toys should be place. Small toys can be put in boxes and put against each other. Picture (cut out of magazine or drawn), representing the toy, which is kept here, should be put on each box. If your child can read, then you can write the description on the box.

If you a lot of toys, and the child is still small, he will all the same plays with the limited quantity of subjects, you can put toys in seven identical boxes and write the name of day of week on each box. Let the child play with toys of corresponding day of week.

Anti-stress interior

June 30th, 2009

Do you know that constant anxiety and stress can cause different problems? If you don’t start to struggle with chronic pressure and anxiety effectively it will affect your cardiovascular and immune systems. Therefore creation of calm interior is very important.
In ideal, it would be desirable to create similar atmosphere in all house. However, you can create the oasis at home. Here are eight simple decisions for transformation of own space into a comfort zone.
Relaxing music
Your favorite music, sounds of forest and flowing water will help to relax and vanish. Sounds can influence your perception and instantly change your mood.
Soft illumination
Soft and adjustable illumination can create calming atmosphere. The fixture with brightness control will allow you to choose the most comfortable illumination.
Pleasant aromas
Fresh and pleasant smell can “move” you to peace and pleasant space. Open your window let fresh air come to your room!
Furniture placing
Put furniture and other things so that that all necessary always was near at hand. Take away all unnecessary details. Personalize your space with something symbolizes pleasant memoirs (it there can be a soft toy, a family photo, etc.)
Comfortable structures
Use pillows, coverlets and soft materials for creation of relaxing zone. The touch to these subjects should cause positive emotions.
Nature symbols
Bring a nature part in your space by means of cockleshells, stones, a tree, leaves etc.
Answering machine
When it is necessary to relax, take advantage of answering machine and switch off a call. You can always call back, when you will have a rest.

Teenager’s room

June 10th, 2009

Even if you have enough means for expensive stylish furniture, do not block up teenagers room with it. Furniture function here is quite limited – it should be convenient and sufficient for sleeping, sitting-writing-reading and also for storing books, cartridges, diskettes, disks, clothes, any amusing features etc. The only stipulation – is that furniture for teenagers should be light, not of gloomy tones. It is possible to tell the same and about curtains.
Perhaps, it is not necessary to buy so-called teenage sofas, which are thought up for economy of metric area, but not for convenience of the teenager. Spacious ottoman on which it is possible to settle though lengthways though across is, perhaps, best variant in this case.  Allow your child to grow!
Last scientists’ researches prove that the lack of sunlight can negatively affect not only on physical, but even on mental development of teenager.
It is necessary to provide good illumination in the evening. It is important to keep good sight of teenager. Ceiling light often happens insufficient. Desk lamp would be the best addition because it can be rearranged anywhere. Besides, a variety of lamps in shops allows choosing something “cool”, in taste of your child.

Podium in the house

June 5th, 2009

Podium – is the lifted part of a floor and usually it is a frame design. The skeleton can be most different – wooden, metal (providing the greatest durability), from above on a skeleton the finishing material (wood, tile, stone, stopper, laminate, etc.) is put. Sometimes, for creation of original design decisions, the color, which is distinct from color of a floor, is used. Dot fixtures are usually arranged in end faces of steps.
The podium is hardly higher the steps, and also there are areas, on which the whole kitchens are being arranged. As a rule the podium height makes 100-200 mm, if the height exceeds these parameters, it is necessary to add steps to podium for extra convenience.
Usually podiums are classified as technical (necessary for communications and more often established in bathrooms and on the kitchen) and decorative podiums (in bedrooms, sitting and other rooms of the house).
Podium can compensate absence of cases, in it is easy to establish sliding containers and to put any things, saving free space of residential zone.
If you have decided to arrange podium, than you should take care of its rigidity and sound insulation, using special isolating materials.

Corner in cozy style

May 28th, 2009

Rainy weather – is an excellent occasion to make the apartment cozier.
Designers advise to mark approach of each new season with small, but pleasant changes in interior. So, for example, in colds the house should be made warm not only from the point of view of temperature, but also visually. Replace textile accessories from easy weightless fabrics with more thorough – woolen, fur, gobelin and quilted covers. Color scale should be warm. The muffled yellow, sand, terracotta, claret, brick-red colors will give your dwelling cozy and affable kind.
- African motives are present today not only at clothes of woman, but also in interior of the hospitable mistress.
- This season needlewomen have every chance to receive enthusiastic responses of guests, having surprised them with hand-made plaids and pillowcases for sofa pillows.
- If you have many the multi-colored palatines which are in harmony among themselves on a coloring, it is possible to transform them for a while into capes for upholstered furniture. If such variant of decor seems too simple to you, put on a fringe which is hanging down from backs and armrests of sofas and armchairs, large beads.
- Special charm of drawing room can be reached due to combination of traditional – square sofa pillows and round platens. Old covers can be updated, having sewn on edge a beautiful decorative cord with brushes.
- Combination of quilted coverlets and covers for pillows from silk and intricate caskets or other decorative accessories upholstered with the same fabric.
- Today prints allow not only to buy unusual pillow in shop, but also to make liked image, having transferred image on fabric by means of a special paper for the printer and iron.

How to choose appropriate color?

May 20th, 2009

Color design is very important, especially if you have decided to choose it on your own.
1. It is desirable to learn more about coloristic.
Unfortunately combination of colors can be unpredictable- sometimes you can get nice grouping, but sometimes it can be terrible.
2. Except a color difference in the different areas it is also necessary to consider, that it will look different at illumination.
Here it is necessary to consider many factors – the sun, lamps, and shades.
3. Color of furniture should be considered. Including a way of coloring – in one case it can be monophonic wall it is possible to color a bottom one color, top – in another.
4. What about floor?
It is not a secret that floors can be made of different materials – parquet, laminate, linoleum…It is clear that it is simply unreasonable to arrange magnificent interior with linoleum floors. So, if you want some luxury, then you should choose parquet floor.
5. Rooms - bedroom, sitting room, kitchen…
It is desirable to choose calming pastel colors for bedroom.
Sitting room – is your visiting card, so it should impress your guests. Color can be different – it depends on your taste.
6. If you don’t have furniture…
If you still do not have furniture, you can create general image of your home and try to combine colors. in this case, design ideas are recommended.

Dark blue color in interior

May 12th, 2009

From all colors dark blue is more often connected with concept of beauty. Since the most ancient times it is popular all over the world. Dark blue – is the color of eternity, connecting the present with the past and the future. Magicians and wizards used to dress dark blue color. In the middle ages people in blue, knew true. In Ancient Egypt pyramid from within was colored in dark blue color. The Buddha and Krishna are also of dark blue color. In myths dark blue color is a divine color; it is a color of mysteriousness and value.

From the psychological point of view, dark blue color associates calmness and peace.
Dark blue – is the most popular color of “cold” scale. Its expressive possibilities are really inexhaustible. It, as a rule, associates with the sky and the sea; it possesses ability to transfer both lightness of clouds, and calmness of the cloudless sky, and a deep gloom of night. Color of the sea depends on the sky, depth, time of day, weather conditions and even features of a sea-bottom: it fluctuates from dark blue-violet shades to pale aquamarine.
Two shades of dark blue are considered as cores. Light blue (blue) – color of the sky, refreshing cool, height, freedom, peace. It is color of carelessness, pensiveness and romanticism, it calms, radiates reliability, but thus, looking at it, it is impossible to concentrate. It is color of “quiet emotionality”; it gives the chance to be outside the limits of a society, it expands space.

Dark blue (indigo) possesses the properties similar with blue, but as its intensity is high its influence on the person is much stronger. It is a symbol of consciousness, depth, and internal source of life. This color is very much appreciated by Japanese and Chineses. But tending black, it gets a grief shade, leads to depression, and causes oppressing action, anxiety, excessive gravity, grief, grief.
Dark blue color is strict and mysterious; its presence in interior always gives refinement and nobleness to a room. But because of coldness its use in an inhabited interior is very uneasy problem. In excessive quantity it can even lead to depression. Therefore skilled designers counterbalance its warm tones: red gives interior expressiveness, yellow – freshness, and peach – luxury and elegance. Mixing it with yellow, we receive green shades, and with red – violet.
Orange – is a complementary color to dark blue. It is organically combined with white and dark brown. If it is the deep dark blue it is necessary to combine it with the same deep shades of red, brown, green and white.

Thanks to the calming influence dark blue color is often used in bedrooms interior- the most silent part of the house. After all images, which are matched by dark blue color – late night, silence, darkness, a fairy tale…
It approaches as primary color for sitting rooms, where it can vary in various shades: from dark blue in a carpet covering to dim blue in drawing of wall-paper. “Blue sitting room” calms and weakens after the working day. If with a bedroom and a bathroom all is clear and unequivocal, in dining room prevalence of dark blue color is not always good.
Physiologists prove that dark blue color reduces appetite, so if you are wishing to grow thing, you can use this color in your kitchens interior.
If the hall premise is small or narrow, there is a reason to paint it completely in purely blue color. It will give to space of a hall lightness and unusual cleanliness.
Blue color is recommended for office interior as it will help to settle down conflict situations.

Warm detail in your interior

May 6th, 2009

Close to the nature
There are many criteria for choosing carpet. Material, of which the carpet is made, is the defining criteria. According to it all carpet products are classified as natural, partially synthetic and completely synthetic carpets.
Wool has been always considered as leader among natural materials for carpets manufacturing. Sheep (most widespread), goat, camel, and also a wool of other animals, for example llamas, is used for carpets manufacture. Woolen carpets have a lot of advantages. They absorb moisture in crude premises and keep heat in badly heated rooms, they do not accumulate static electricity, and such carpets are steady against deterioration.
But natural carpet are very expensive, therefore, frequently manufacturers reduce the price of production, offering half-woolen products, adding synthetics.
Silk carpets are also classified as natural. Silk fibers are considered as the strongest; however silk carpets will hardly warm you in cold weather.
Less often for manufacturing of mats rice, flax, and hemp are used. Mats from sea seaweed are also on sale. They have natural green or brown color and smell as sea salt (unlike fakes). If you have decided to choose such carpet, keep in mind that the covering on latex basis will serve longer.
Synthetic advantages
Carpets from natural materials are very expensive. Floor coverings from synthetic materials are economic and, consequently, are more accessible. And for suffering from allergy people- it is a unique possibility to create of “fluffy” coziness. Woolen carpets can provoke sudden allergy.
The basic synthetic fibers, applied at manufacturing of carpets, are polyester, polypropylene, polyacryle, polyamide (nylon). Doctors recommend suffering from allergy people to buy carpets, made of nylon, as it is the most neutral kind of a fiber, without extraneous smell and the price will not be so high.

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